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Does Your Company Currently Have An EAP Program?

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What Time Frame does Your Company Plan on Purchasing An EAP?

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How did you hear about Gup & Associates, Inc?

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Are your mental health and substance abuse costs increasing faster than expected?

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Are you interested in a consultation that will review your current behavioral costs to determine areas of improvement and potential cost savings?

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Which of the following areas are affected by your employee's personal problems:

Added Liability Costs Tardiness & Absenteeism Lost Time/Productivity Plan Client Dissatisfaction ADA Disputes Labor Disputes Morale Workman's Compensation Added Medical Costs Turnover 

Would management want a consultation resource to resolve deteriorating employee job performance problems?

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Are you interested in managing your mental health and substance abuse disability claims?

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Do you need assistance with executives/professionals impaired by substance abuse?

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Do you have to comply with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations with your drivers?

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Please check the consulting service areas you are interested in?

EAP/Behavioral Health Executive Coaching Stress Management Prevention Violence in the Work Place Intervention Career Development & Transitions Disability Management Relationship/Team Building Sexual Harassment Critical Incident Other 

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