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Gup & Associates, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been providing quality Employee Assistance and Behavioral Health Services nationwide since 1991. In addition to our EAP services we offer an array of human resource services including psychological disability management, executive coaching, drug free workplace consultation, and training/development programs. Our personalized services are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of both the employee and the organization. As stated by one of our long-term corporate client’s “Gup & Associates has a sincere and dedicated commitment to the field of human resource development. Their greatest asset is the ability to make the right recommendation to maximize the benefit to the employee, while always keeping in mind the needs of the organization as a whole.” We are recognized for our professionalism, commitment to excellence and dedication to helping others. The professionals at Gup & Associates, Inc. are experienced and effective in working with individuals from various cultural backgrounds as well as both craft and executive level employees. We will become well acquainted with your company and its particular culture.

Executive Director & Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Nancy Gup
Executive Director
& Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Nancy J. Gup, a licensed psychologist, is the Executive Director for Gup & Associates, Inc. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical and Consulting Psychology, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Community Counseling. She has been recognized for her specialization in the design, administration and implementation of Employee Assistance and Behavioral Health Programs with an emphasis in Crisis Response Services.

She guides her team of psychological associates in an integrated approach which offers specialized EAP and Behavioral Health services to increase safety, performance and productivity while enhancing the overall personal health and goals of an organization’s workforce. Dr. Nancy Gup has also served as a featured speaker at many professional conferences including the American Psychiatric Society and American Psychological Association conferences. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is an avid swimmer, traveler, supporter of the arts, and dog lover.


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