Employee Assistance Services

Gup & Associates, Inc. offers a full range of EAP and Behavioral Health Services. Each program is customized to address the specific needs of our client companies.

Service Options:

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week Assessment, Personal Consultation, and Referral
  • Local, In-Person Assessment & Brief Counseling Models
  • Supervisory Orientation
  • Employee Orientation
  • Human Resource and Management Consultation
  • Internal Program Marketing/Promotion Materials
  • Supervisory/Managerial EAP Newsletter (electronic version available)
  • Program Utilization Review & Quality Assurance
  • Management Alert to Negative Trends in the Work Environment
  • Case Management to Facilitate Employee Access to Treatment Providers and Monitor Progress

Enhanced EAP and Behavioral Health Services (detailed information provided upon request):

  • Critical Incident Management Services
  • Executive Coaching and Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Workshops
  • Drug Free Work Place Policies, Procedures, Training
  • Critical Analysis and Consultation of Mental Health Care Benefits
  • Psychological Disability Case Management Services
  • Return-to-Work Solutions
  • On-Site Health Fairs
  • Web based behavioral health and self help program


iStock_000016097937LargeTelephone Assessment, Personal Consultation, Resource Referral.

A 24-hour professional assessment and referral service is available seven days a week, 365 days a year by a local or toll-free telephone number. All eligible employees and covered dependents have unlimited access to contacting EAP. If needed, a personal consultation will assist in developing an agreed upon action plan for treatment. Referral will be made to the most appropriate and cost-effective resources. Gup & Associates, Inc. maintains an extensive referral network of private and community resources. Referral will be made to the least restrictive, most appropriate resource, taking into account the individual situation. Gup & Associates, Inc. will be familiar with all your benefit packages provided to employees of your company (i.e., medical, dental, tuition reimbursement, etc.) so that on-target responses can be made to the caller.

Local, In-Person Assessment & Counseling Model.

Assessment, counseling and referral services, when appropriate, would be expanded to include (in-person) sessions with an EAP professional. Gup & Associates, Inc. service professionals are always qualified at the masters or doctoral level. These consultations can be available on company property or at offices conveniently located to the employee or family member. All employees would have the opportunity to receive a specified number of counseling sessions per year (to be determined by your company).

Determination of number of sessions.

Most EAP referrals revolve around daily living problems and are easily resolved within the short-term model. The exceptions are clinically diagnosed episodes of mental illness. Such episodes are more likely referred to a fee-based provider who would be utilizing recognized norms for the treatment of various diagnostic categories. In this situation the company benefit plan or community resource generally covers the costs involved.


Gup & Associates, Inc. provides these services with the highest degree of confidentiality except in situations of danger to self/others/safe operations where we are obligated under law to intervene.

Supervisory and Managerial Consultations.

Gup & Associates, Inc. will provide consultation, as requested, for any supervisor considering referral of an employee to the EAP. We will be a professional resource to managers seeking assistance with helping any troubled employee.
Follow-up Services. Gup & Associates, Inc. will monitor the progress of all referred employees. Follow-up contact will be maintained with the client to determine level of satisfaction with services provided through the EAP or referral source. Follow-up with a referring manager/supervisor will be as your EAP policy dictates.

Program Evaluation.

Program evaluation and utilization information will be provided in the form of semi-annual and annual summary reports. However, communications with Gup & Associates, Inc. regarding any services that are being provided is welcomed at any time. Issues around confidentiality will be discussed in depth prior to implementation of any Employee Assistance Program.